B1 work visa for international INGO staff...

INGO international staff may obtain visas based on the status of their organization with local authorities and/or the length of their stay.

Staff of organizations who are registered at the Israeli Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) may apply for a B1 work visa, provided that they work in Israel/Jerusalem at least 15 hours per week (7 working days per month).

Application process for new staff:

Application process for renewals:

MoLSA contact information

MoI/PIBA address and operating hours

For your convenience, please find a non-official English version of the MoI/PIBA procedures for INGOs working in the humanitarian and development fields (translated from Hebrew): English translation of MoI/PIBA B1 visa procedure

For additional questions or advice, contact Tal AVRECH TalA@unops.org