* Staff members working only in the West Bank and Gaza may obtain a B2 multiple entry visa valid for up to 1 year.

Applying via the Palestinian Ministry of Civil Affairs (recommended)

- Go to the PA General Authority of Civil Affairs (it is recommended to go with an Arabic speaker), and present the following documents to Mr. Malik Taha:

- Your documents will then be sent to the Coordination of Government Affairs in the Territories (COGAT), and you will be notified by Mr. Taha upon confirmation.

- Following approval by COGAT, wait two-working days, and then go to the PNA Ministry of Interior Service Office in Ramallah (Ask Mr. Taha for detailed instructions).

- PNA MoI contact person: Mr. Mahmoud Al-Lozi | 022425883 | 0599997322

- Present the following documents to Mr. Al-Lozi:

- After paying the fees, you will be required to leave your passport with Mr. al-Lozi, who will then provide a receipt.

- After a two-week period, the passport will be returned to you with the visa inside. Another fee of 120 NIS will be required for the stamp.

Applying for a B2 multiple entry directly via Beit El

- Applicants should send their request via email to the Israeli Civil Administration at Beit El. The email should include:

- Contact Lieutenant Itamar Cohen via the following email : arbel.deputy@gmail.co

- The Israeli Civil Administration will contact you regarding the approval of your application.

Applying for an entry visa to Israel (required based on some nationalities)

Nationals of some countries cannot obtain an entry visa upon their arrival to Israel, and are required to request an entry visa at an Israeli Embassy in their home country, or nearest country abroad in order to enter Israel and apply for the appropriate work visa. To view the list of countries that do not require a pre-obtained entry visa, click here.

- To apply for an entry visa, complete the application form (Download), and submit with the following documents:

- Processing times due to security checks can take up to 40 days.

For further questions or assistance, contact Tal AVRECH TalA@unops.org.