Role of the ACU

The ACU provides advice and support to UN agencies and INGOs wishing to bring humanitarian and development goods into Gaza for operational purposes, while identifying emerging access trends for follow-up with relevant authorities and advocacy purposes. The ACU does not normally coordinate or arrange the entrance of goods into Gaza for UN or INGOs, except in exceptional cases including during emergencies.

UN and INGOs may contact the ACU for further information about the processes or if they face any issue in bringing goods into Gaza.

ACU contact:

Infrastructure Projects

UNOPS Materials Monitoring Unit (MMU)

The MMU was established by agreement between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority following the hostilities in 2014. It is as an integral part of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM), a framework agreed between the governments of Palestine and Israel to enable the import of ‘dual-use’ materials in the context of the aftermath of the 2014 conflict. Although setup in response to the conflict, the GRM and MMU remain fully operational today and are likely to continue at least for the duration of 2019, albeit with some improvements to the GRM after a Joint Review in late 2018.

Any project requiring ‘dual-use’ materials is eligible to be submitted under the GRM. The centralization of ‘dual-use’ requests through the GRM allows the governments of Israeli and Palestine to process requests more efficiently and allows the UN and other stakeholders to identify trends and bottlenecks on such requests, as well as to publish data transparently and thus enable evidence-based advocacy. In addition, UNOPS is currently setting up a project management unit, which will provide support in addressing any identified bottlenecks with a view to fast-tracking implementation.

For more information:

Contact Aidan Berentsen -

UNDP/PAPP Access Coordination and Monitoring Support Project

The UNDP/PAPP Access Coordination and Monitoring Support Project (ACMSP) was established in October 2010 to support development initiatives focused on Gazan recovery, inclusive of facilitating construction and reconstruction activities as well as supporting rehabilitation and humanitarian activities. The access unit enables the import of essential materials, including those considered “dual use” by the Israeli authorities, for project implementation, mainly infrastructure projects. The functions of the project include :

a) access of materials, negotiation with CLA;

b) receiving and warehousing materials;

c) issuing and monitoring of dual use materials; and

d) spot-checking and end-use reporting.


The UNDP/PAPP - via its ACMSP - provide coordination and accessibility for several international and non-governmental organizations to implement some of their vital large-scale and small-sale projects.

For more information:

Contact Aden Ali -

Individual Items Not Related to Infrastructure Projects

CLA Coordination

International Organizations requesting to bring any items into Gaza should submit a “goods import application form” through the CLA website (registration required).

After the submission of the form, the CLA will provide a IM number by email confirming the process is under review. Time necessary to obtain feedback depends of the item in question.

Additional information by item type

Carried by Hand through Erez

If an item can be hand-carried it is possible to bring it into Gaza using the pedestrian terminal at Erez. Only International personal and Jerusalem ID holders can carry these items. The organization should request an especial coordination to the following email The communication should include the following information: Full name, passport number for internationals or ID number for Jerusalem ID holders.

Supplier Coordination

Locally procured items can also be coordinated directly by the suppliers/companies using the following procedure:

Truck coordination

Additional resources: