Access Coordination Unit
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Access Coordination Unit

Operating Hours at International Crossings during Holidays (Sep-Oct) 2017

The Access Coordination Unit

The lack of unfettered humanitarian access to, from and within the oPt has significantly impeded the effective provision of humanitarian assistance and protection for civilians while simultaneously increasing the time and cost involved in doing so.

In an attempt to ameliorate the delivery of assistance and to enhance protection, the UN inter-agency Access Coordination Unit (ACU) was established in 2008 to develop a centralized, and pro-active access strategy for both humanitarian personnel and goods, as well as to provide direct support to the humanitarian and development community, including through access negotiations.

Humanitarian Access - Gaza Permits

Humanitarian organizations face a range of obstacles on movement and access in the Gaza Strip as a result of political and administrative measures implemented by Israeli, Egyptian and Gaza local authorities. Those measures include various degrees of restrictions on obtaining permits to enter or exit Gaza, in particular for national staff, as well as other access difficulties at border crossings and checkpoints like intermittent closures or security procedures that often result in delays or denial of passage.

Access Incidents Through oPt Jun 2017

32 Incidents

39.8   working days lost.

96 % Involving UN staff members.

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Access Information

Checkpoint Classification
Avoidance Advised
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